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A Natural Diver - Doxa SUB 300 Beta Seddiqi Edition

A Natural Diver - Doxa SUB 300 Beta Seddiqi Edition

2023 has been the year of the β factor, a new concept from DOXA that focuses on novel colors, materials and textures that all coexist within the iconic SUB series of watches that are the flagship of the brand. And who doesn’t love exciting new colorways and interesting combinations of materials? Dive watches are at home in the natural elements of the sub-aquatic realm, but heavily rely on modern technology to perform at their optimum capability.  With the new SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition, a limited edition of just 50 pieces, DOXA is combining the brand’s newest material innovations with a slice of pure mother nature in the form of a natural mother-of-pearl dial. A first for DOXA and the mark of a tribute to retail partner Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.


Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons now has 51 outlets throughout the United Arab Emirates, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 60 luxury timepieces and jewelry brands. The very first Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons establishment was in Bur Dubai, blossoming from a humble single shop nestled in Dubai's vibrant souk into a vast network of stunning boutiques. Throughout this remarkable journey, Mr. Ahmed Qasim Seddiqi unwaveringly upheld his commitment to delivering quality Swiss timepieces to a diverse clientele across the UAE. Over six decades ago, DOXA emerged as one of the pioneering brands to establish a presence at the Seddiqi store. In a more recent collaboration, in 2022, DOXA once again partnered with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons to make its watches available in the Middle East.

Summer 2023 witnessed the launch of the new aesthetic of the SUB 300β, a watch that took the dive watch story to urban environments and reimagined the SUB as a watch for every facet of urban living. The “β” for beta - beyond the conventional – in the new SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition is a celebration of a new combination of case as well as dial materials. The case is made from a solid block of 316L stainless steel and boasts a 42.5 mm diameter. It has a water resistance rating of 30 ATM, which is equivalent to 300 meters or just over 980 feet. The watch features DOXA's patented unidirectional rotating bezel that in this case is made from black ceramic and which has a blue ceramic insert that matches the dial. In-tune with DOXA’s design heritage, the timepiece incorporates a No Deco bezel that is equipped with dual scales for measuring dive duration in minutes and depth in meters, allowing for the calculation of no-decompression dives.


The SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition’s stand-out and eye-catching feature is the blue mother-of-pearl dial. This is the first time that this material has been used by DOXA and it is a special element for this momentous tribute to the Seddiqi family’s partnership with the brand. Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is a luminescent and iridescent substance found on the inner shells of mollusks, with oysters and abalone being the most notable sources of this exquisite material. Its captivating hues are virtually limitless, reflecting the artistry of nature. When it comes to using mother of pearl in this special timepiece, DOXA has taken the distinctive approach by embracing the inherent, unaltered colors provided by nature; in this case blue.

Crafting these dials is an intricate and highly challenging endeavor, fraught with considerable material wastage due to the extraordinary fragility of the thin slices of nacre required for the task. The process of creating these stone dials entails a sequence of precision steps. It commences with the meticulous cutting of a disc, followed by the painstaking grinding down of this disc into an incredibly thin slice. This ultra-thin slice is then delicately affixed to the brass dial base. While this may sound straightforward, it is a deceptively complex procedure that demands a high degree of skill, precision, and unwavering dedication from artisan craftsmen.


Collectors love a unique watch and that is exactly what they get with the new SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition. The allure of stone dials is their inherent uniqueness. Natural materials are, by their very nature, one-of-a-kind, and this characteristic is particularly captivating in the realm of mother-of-pearl dials. Each dial possesses its own distinct and exclusive patterns and hues, making it a truly special and piece unique for its owner, highlighting the profound connection between watchmaking and the captivating wonders of the natural world.

The circular system of the mother-of-pearl’s existence is a special part of this watch’s story. It can take many years for the shell to develop and is formed entirely at the whim of Mother Nature. How incredible that its use for a dial in the SUB 300β Seddiqi Edition means that this natural and unique substance can once again venture beneath the surface and dwell in the depths from where it was originally born. The dial is as protected as it was in its shell, thanks to the scratch resistant crystal that is an integral part of the watch’s waterproofness to an impressive 300 meters.

The timeless appeal of the watch is enhanced by the pairing of an historic ‘beads of rice’ steel bracelet or a more contemporary white FKM rubber strap. However you choose to wear your SUB, there's a look to suit your taste and lifestyle.