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A Case of Innovation – DOXA’s Use of Materials

A Case of Innovation – DOXA’s Use of Materials

DOXA's history in watchmaking is steeped in innovation and adventure. From the depths of the ocean to dangerous military operations, DOXA has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible with watch materials and design. Its journey through material innovation has seen the use of blackened stainless steel, forged carbon, titanium, and 18kt gold, each contributing unique qualities and capabilities to their watches. This exploration of materials is not only a technical endeavour but also a narrative of how DOXA has understood and catered to the evolving needs of its customers.

Blackened Steel

The DOXA Army watch, first introduced in the late 1960s, was the first foray for DOXA and its pioneering approach to material use. By employing a steel oxidation process, DOXA was able to produce a blackened stainless-steel case that offered a stealthy, matte finish suitable for military operations. The broader adoption of the DOXA Army watches by support staff in various roles—medics, logistics personnel, and dive support teams—attests to the versatility and reliability of the watches. However, it wasn't predominantly the aesthetic of the blackened steel that made it desirable, but its practical benefit of reduced glare. Considered the father of the blacked-out military watch, the original Army has gone on to inspire a number of DOXA watches and has impacted on the wider watch industry’s obsession with black watches.


Ceramic Seconds

The DOXA Army Watches of Switzerland Edition and the SUB 300β Sharkunter showcase the brand's adeptness in using ceramic—a material celebrated for its scratch resistance and lasting colour. The Army Edition's black ceramic case is a modern nod to the original blackened steel, while the SUB 300β Sharkhunter introduces a new dimension with an unusual combination of an 18kt gold bezel and crown. Ceramic's enduring qualities ensure that these watches not only stand the test of time but also maintain their lustre and finish over the years.


Forged Carbon Features

Venturing further into the realm of innovative materials, DOXA has also made cases from forged carbon, a superbly strong and light choice for a watch case. Forged carbon, with its feather-light weight and unique marbled texture, is the result of compressing carbon fibres and resin into a compact form. The SUB 300 Aqua Lung US Divers Edition features a forged carbon case that both pays homage to the brand's innovation dating back, again, to the 1960s Army watch and perfectly exemplifies DOXA’s commitment to cutting-edge materials. Its robust yet lightweight nature perfectly complements the ethos of a brand deeply entrenched in the world of professional diving.


Golden Minutes

In an audacious move, DOXA introduced the SUB 200 T-GRAPH in 18kt rose gold to celebrate its 130th anniversary. This limited-edition piece is a testament to DOXA's versatility, crafting a watch that marries the opulence of rose gold with the ruggedness expected of a tool watch. Gold, with its associated value and prestige, is transformed into a functional chronograph that does not shy away from a life of adventure.


Titanium Time

The limited-edition SUB 600T Pacific marked a significant chapter in DOXA's history, showcasing a masterful blend of innovation and heritage. Unlike the original, this special edition features a lightweight yet hard-wearing brushed titanium case, chosen for its exceptional resistance to the harsh conditions of the sea. In a striking collaboration with Time and Tide, the Australian watch magazine and retailer, this exclusive series was limited to just 200 numbered pieces. In another illustration of the combination of innovative materials, the watch features a ceramic bezel and houses a vibrant blue dial, paying homage to DOXA's tradition of using distinctive colours for optimal underwater legibility, while its 40mm case size made it equally suitable for everyday wear, resonating with divers and watch aficionados alike.


DOXA’s exciting journey through materials is a testament to the brand's never-ending pursuit of excellence. Blackened stainless steel introduced a new era of tactical aesthetics and durability. Forged carbon brought an unparalleled combination of strength and lightness to the wrist, as did titanium. Ceramic offered a timeless finish with unmatched scratch resistance. And gold provided a bridge between luxury and utility, creating timepieces that are both eye-catching and yet action ready. It’s also important to remember that DOXA's foray into these materials is not solely a pursuit of durability or aesthetics; it is a reflection of the brand's philosophy to serve the demanding needs of its customers. Whether for a diver descending into the ocean's depths or a soldier navigating the exigencies of the battlefield, DOXA's watches are crafted to be trusted companions. They stand as a tribute to the brand's heritage, a heritage that embraces innovation and looks forward to the future of watchmaking.